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Compare to other conventional compression brands, BV SPORT has its unique concept of SELECTIVE and PROGRESSIVE compression concept.

SELECTIVE compression concept: Based on the human being physiology, the sport pressure applied to the legs should be varied due to the different structure of the muscles and bones at the different part of legs. The worldwide patented technology and knowhow of BV SPROT makes it possible to apply different pressure to different areas of the legs in a single pair of socks.

PROGRESSIVE compression concept: Conventional compression generally apply decreasing (dowels) or constant pressure on ankles and calves with pressures> 20 mmHg. In both cases these ankle pressures are deleterious and not at all adapted to the physiology of athletes.

Evo = Evolution

The new PRORECUP Elite Evo range is equipped with ATW, which is a lighter mesh on the shin that protects the pre-tibial sensitive structures from the compression (periosteum, superficial nerves and micro circulation). The material used is +80% of micro-fiber Nilit INNERGY, which is anti bacterial, anti UV and improves the microcirculation.

The pressures applied on the recovery range are stronger than on the BOOSTER ranges. We apply more muscle support during the effort than compression. Conversely in recovery we apply stronger pressures than the effort.

It is better to wear recovery products within two hours after the exercises. It takes at least two hours to have efficiency. However the wearing of the PRORECUP Elite Evo range may be longer especially for professionals and after long efforts such as marathons, trails, stage races etc.

There is no maximum time as along as the wearer feels comfortable. The only prohibition is not to sleep with any compression socks or booster.

Calf pressures improve venous return. The badly oxygenated blood leaves the foot to go to the heart to be re-oxygenated. The oxygenated blood goes down through the arteries to the feet, thighs, knees, calves, muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments. Therefore the BOOSTER diminishes (among others) muscle pain, the periostitic problems etc. Based on this, we may say that BOOSTER could help to solve those problems.

Our size recommendations are based on both calf circumference (represented by letter  S / M / L / XL/XXL and height by the +. You are inbetween 2 sizes, we would like to recommend the smaller size.

The product life is estimated at 1 year depending on the use frequecny. If there is a hole on the calf area, it must be changed.

It is recommended to wash INSIDE OUT for the compression products with cold water (max 30 °C) as the high temperature damage the elasticity. It can be hand wahsed or machine washed but never tumble dry the product.

In general, anyone above 16 years old can start to wear BV Sport compression products. But it also depends on the calf circumstance of the individual.

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